10 Reasons – Why Travel Agents Should Use Online Remittance Services?

With RemitOnTime, travel agents can enjoy hassle-free payment processing and funds transfer beyond the borders. Being a leading digital outward remittance platform, it safeguards transactions through a transparent process while offering the best Forex rates to travel agents. RemitOnTime streamlines business operations by ensuring convenience in financial transactions.

Once considered tedious, costly, and complicated, cross border transactions have been simplified by the emergence of digital outward remittance platforms. Today, online remittance services have become the preferred mode to send money across geographies. Powered by cutting-edge technology, these platforms offer transaction convenience to individuals and businesses, notably in the travel and tourism industry.

Being in charge of making transport, accommodation, food, and sight-seeing arrangements for clients, a crucial aspect of the travel agent’s job entails processing financial transactions across the world. Availing traditional cross-border payment methods like SWIFT and wire transfers are often beset with challenges, which have been addressed and simplified by the advanced online remittance services like RemitOnTime.

Cross-Border Payment Challenges faced by Travel Agents

Execution and management of overseas payments are riddled with challenges that can hamper the business of travel agents. Some of the common issues being:

  • Time-taking and complex SWIFT/wire transfers
  • High transaction fees
  • Erratic exchange rates
  • Higher risk of chargebacks and payment failures

Luckily emergence of online remittance services like RemitOnTime has made it a lot simpler for travel agents. Overseas transactions through remittances demand strict adherence to regulatory compliances that differ geography-wise. RemitOnTime maintains legal and ethical standards, offering a reliable avenue for instant and cost-effective funds transfer for travel agents.

RemitOnTime for Travel Agents: Reasons to use Online Remittance Services       

Why should travel agents switch to online remittance services like the RemitOnTime? Well, here are the top ten reasons for answering that question.

  1. Easy to Use

Creating an account on RemitOnTime and getting started with payment processing is very easy. It requires minimal documentation and a simple KYC process, after which the travel agents can initiate global transactions, saving substantial business time. It simplifies the otherwise complicated process of cross border remittance.

  1. Intuitive Interface 

RemitOnTime is designed to offer ease and convenience in global payments. Much of that is facilitated by its advanced and highly intuitive interface. It comes with seamless navigation and cutting-edge features that neutralize the complexities associated with payment processing. Just a few clicks and your funds get transferred from the USA to India in an instant.

  1. Lower Transaction Fees

Unlike traditional wire and SWIFT transactions, this leading online remittance platform offers some of the lowest transaction fees compared to its industry peers. The platform’s fee structure for different countries is straightforward, devoid of any hidden or extra charges.

  1. Instant Global Transactions

Traditional payment gateways tend to take a lot of time to process the transactions. It can take hours and sometimes days for the funds to reach the receiver. Even then, there is always the risk of chargebacks and payment failures. These are some drawbacks of wire transfers and SWIFT payments, especially in times of funds emergency. RemitOnTime addresses these issues by executing cross border payments promptly, without any time lags or processing failures.

  1. Industry-best Exchange Rates

Fluctuating currency exchange rates is why many travel agents and agencies suffer business loss, as incurring the extra cost falls upon them rather than the clients. RemitOnTime, on the other hand, offers the live currency rates and industry-best exchange rates to ensure that neither the clients nor the agents have to bear the extra expenses. It significantly improves the profit margin for businesses.

  1. Enhanced security

Unauthorized transaction and data breaches are concerns for payment processing platforms, which leads to millions of dollars in losses every fiscal year. RemitOnTime meets that challenge powered by enhanced security protocols and 100% end-to-end encryption that ensures safety to the platform users. It upholds user-privacy and strictly abides by the regulatory compliances, making RemitOnTime the most trusted and secured online remittance platform.

  1. Real-time Tracking of Funds

RemitOnTime travel agents can easily track the fund’s movement and status in real-time due to a highly scalable architecture.

  1. Accessible across Verticals

RemitOnTime is accessible across verticals, meaning one can use it through their laptop or computer or download the app on the smartphone. The app is available in Android and iOS versions.

  1. 24×7 Customer Support

RemitOnTime has an experienced customer support team that offers 24×7 service. In case there is a problem, they can get it fixed in no time.

  1. Financial Convenience

A one-stop platform with advanced payment and cross-border solutions, RemitOnTime offers financial convenience to travel agents with timely and cost-effecting payment processing solutions.

Besides setting up an individual business account, travel agents can collaborate with RemitOnTime to leverage cutting-edge features and enjoy multiple benefits to offer better service to their clients. It strengthens their business integrity and reputation in the eyes of the consumers.

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