Outward Remittance Online – How it is beneficial For Travel Agents

RemitOnTime offers a convenient and safest way for Travel Agents to Transfer Funds Abroad. It is a reliable platform for Outward Remittance Online, offering a transparent process and the best exchange rates to travel agents.

The Outward Remittance is a convenient and reliable option to transfer funds from one home country to another. Many people usually go abroad for various purposes, ranging from travel, studying, business, etc. but most people every year opt to go out mostly for leisure and traveling. The travel agents have to make sure the travel arrangements well on time. They usually partner with hotels and other entities in other countries to make the customer experience satisfactory. The Digital Outward Remittance Platform – RemitOnTime can offer them trusted, convenient, and time-saving options to send money abroad.

RemitOnTime – Why Remittance Service is Needed for Travel Agents?

There are strict rules and compliances related to transferring funds from your account to use it abroad. As per the rules, the money can only be transferred to the foreign account through the online modes of overseas payments for specific purposes such as education, traveling, etc. The Travel Agents can use outward remittance platforms like RemitOnTime to conveniently transfer the funds to their client’s account or use it to book the arrangements to help them meet the needs related to shopping, daily expenses, hotel reimbursements, etc. As it is quite a convenient and reliable option to use the remittance platform, it also makes transferring funds relatively smooth and secure.

Outward Remittance Online for Covering Travel Expenses

There travel operators or travel agents can use various ways to pay for travel arrangements. Here is how they can Use RemitOnTime to get their work done with ease.

1) Travel Operators or Travel Agents Can Transfer Funds to Affiliate or International Tie-Ups

The outward remittance online is a legal way to transfer funds, and the travel agent can make use of it to make necessary travel arrangements for their clients. The travel agents and companies usually have tie-ups with international hotels, tour operators, airlines, entertainment parks, tourist destinations, etc. They can use a digital remittance platform to transfer funds directly to get the bookings done.

2) Travel Agents Can Reimburse Clients for Shopping or Purchases

There could be a need for some additional money in the mid of an international trip, and the travel agent is the only option one can trust to get the money transferred to the bank account. In such cases, the clients or travelers traveling abroad can ask for payments or reimbursements for shopping or other allowed purchases. The travel agents can use their RemitOnTime Digital Outward Remittance Platform to transfer funds instantly.

RemitOnTime – How Travel Agents Can Get Best Benefits For Using Digital Remittance Services


Simple & Easy – Minimum Documentation Required for Outward Remittance Online

The process of transferring money to international accounts requires a lot of compliances or procedures and may sometimes land you up in a lot of hassles. To solve such challenges, travel agents can easily create their accounts on the RemitOnTime money transfer platform with the minimal required documentation and KYC process. It helps save your crucial time and offers you the comfort and convenience to initiate fund transfers from anywhere to any part of the world.

Save Your Money – No Hidden Fees & Get Best Exchange Rates

The exchange rates may sometimes cost travel agents a lot and may also decrease their profit margins. RemitOnTime offers the best exchange rate and live currency rate while transferring money in any currency to make sure that you save your money in the best possible way. It also offers a 100% trusted and transparent way to transfer the funds without any additional charges or hidden fees.

Completely Digital – Track Your Funds on the Go

RemitOnTime makes the process to track and transfer funds relatively easy for travel agents. It is very simple and easy to check your fund transfers’ real-time status to ensure that your money has been sent and received by the beneficiary. The dedicated outward remittance online platform gives you access to all the information related to transferring funds and beneficiaries.

Secure Platform For Outward Remittance Online – Govt. Approved & Safe-Encryption

The RemitOnTime is a completely secured and trusted money transfer platform that stringently follows govt. Guidelines. The platform offers 100% encryption and ensures complete privacy of users and bank account details. You need not worry about anything while transferring funds.

The travel agents can partner with RemitOnTime to get various benefits and attractive exchange rates to serve the consumers well. It helps them save time and ensures they get the best experience in transferring funds without any worries and trust issues.

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